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    A micro brewery in the Highlands providing quality craft beers to Metro Denver beer enthusiasts.

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  • Het Huis


    Het Huis, meaning “The House” in Dutch, is slightly malty and slightly sweet.

    ABV: 8.9%

  • French Saison


    This slightly sweet Saison has quickly become a favorite of many De Steeg visitors.

    ABV: 9.0%

  • Imperial Pumpkin Ale


    True Pumpkin flavor, no spices.  Crazy smooth.

    ABV: 11.0%

  • Cab Sauv Hybrid


    Our latest Beer/Wine Hybrid.  A must try!

    ABV: 10.1%


  • Grapefruit Wheat


    Light and smooth with subtle notes of Grapefruit.

    ABV: 7.1%

  • Dutch Coffee Stout


    Rich with delightful coffee notes. Served on Nitro.

    ABV: 10.1%

  • Barrel Hopped Pale Ale


    Pale ale aged in oak and dry hopped in the barrel.

    ABV: 7.1%

  • Gooseberry Pear Ale


    Light with a subtle tartness.  Goes down easy!

    ABV: 6.3%


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